How 2 Make A Movie new features

Welcome to How 2 Make a Movie's blog. Here I get to tell you everything I know about making movies so that you can learn how to do it yourself. As well as the blog, there's a regular newsletter and a forum coming soon.

Also coming soon will be a screenplay writing course over 12 lessons that takes you through the process of writing your screenplay. It's designed so that you write part of your script as part of each lesson so that you have a complete screenplay when you've finished the course.

We'll keep you updated with how this and our short movie competition are developing. The course will be available in the next few months with the competition scheduled to launch early in 2012.

So now's the time to read as much as you can at How 2 Make A Movie and start making yours. We'll post up rules and entry requirements for the competition in  a couple of months so that you know exactly what we require.

Happy movie-making!