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Classic Movie Making Traps to Avoid

I've been working on 'Flying Lessons' but not as much as I should because I've kidded myself that I need to build a jib crane for some important shots in the film. This is true, but it's also a displacement activity that is preventing me from getting to grips with a couple of issues I don't want to address just yet. The first is that I've got a Canon DSLR and need to use it to get familiar with it and the second is I don't really have a cast yet.

How 'One Flat Note' was made - Development and pre-production

The short movie on the home page (One Flat Note) was made specifically to enter the Virgin Media Short Film Competition although the script was originally for a longer version than the two minute, twenty second limit for the competition.

The forum is live

The forum has gone live. It's basic but lets anyone read posts and registered users post comments and create new forum topics. There are going to be loads of new forums to cover all aspects of movie making coming soon. So get your soapbox out and start contributing. This is a web site for movie makers who want to learn and make movies so understanding that movies are collaborative means we should all be helping each other out.

'Flying Lessons' takes off

OK, I'm close to starting work on my next project which will be a short film entitled 'Flying Lessons'. I'll be working on a very short version (2mins 20 seconds maximum) for the Virgin Media Short Film Competition which has a deadline some time next Summer. There will also be a longer version that I'll find other competitions for and enter as appropriate.

How 2 Make A Movie new features

Welcome to How 2 Make a Movie's blog. Here I get to tell you everything I know about making movies so that you can learn how to do it yourself. As well as the blog, there's a regular newsletter and a forum coming soon.

Also coming soon will be a screenplay writing course over 12 lessons that takes you through the process of writing your screenplay. It's designed so that you write part of your script as part of each lesson so that you have a complete screenplay when you've finished the course.

The next film

The next film after One Flat Note is going to be 'Flying Lessons' and we need a greenscreen for guess what?  Yep, 'flying' our main character!

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