Movie Competitions

Competitions are great. They give you:

  • A deadline to work to for finishing your movie
  • A maximum length for your movie
  • A legitimate reason for making a short movie on your first attempt
  • An opportunity to show your movie to an audience for free or a small fee
  • The chance to win prizes
  • The chance to get noticed

Once you start to use competitions as the scheduler for your movie-making you'll be able to:

  • Find the competition that suits the screenplay you're working on
  • Schedule a finish date for your current production based on the entry cut off
  • Enter the competition and chat with other movie-makers
  • Select other competitions to enter
  • Enter old movies into new competitions
  • Develop a fan base
  • Work on your next movie while you've still got entries in existing competitions

There are so many benefits to using competitions that you'd be mad not to. If you also have the time and money, attending festivals is an incredible opportunity to get into the room with someone that could change your life.  

The production team behind the next 'Paranormal', Blair Witch Project' or 'El Mariarchi' is out there and waiting to be discovered. It would be terrible if no-one noticed.

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