How 2 Get An Audience For Your Movie

Once you've made your movie masterpiece it's time to think about an audience for it.  Getting some paying viewers?  Maybe DVD sales?  Well that's great but why not start thinking about your audience much earlier?

If your movie was a new product being launched by Adidas for example, they'd do loads of market research before starting to design any of it and you can do the same.  Talk to friends and tell them about the film even when you're writing it or when you're picking a screenplay.  See what sort of audience it appeals to.

Once you have an idea of who's going to be interested, find out where they spend their time and start talking to them through modern communication channels like Facebook and twitter.  Let them know how the process of making your movie is going and get them involved; get them to care.

Finally when the movie is ready, you've already developed your audience and they're waiting for you!

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