How 2 Finish Your Movie

So you've taken an original screenplay, prepared to film it, actually got everyone together and filmed every shot, scene, line of dialogue, effect and end credit now all you have to do is edit it together.

Problem is, you didn't make a not of each shot number and what happened. You didn't keep a record of where each sequence was stored and how they should be arranged if there are to be changes to the screenplay.

And that's when your Editor tells you to 'shove it' and walks leaving you to do it all yourself.

Alternatively, a very happy Editor has been consulted before and during shooting and is handed a very clearly organized and marked up set of tapes, hard drives, rolls of film or memory sticks and concise notes and lists showing what order everything goes in and where each shot is located.

If you haven't planned enough, you might get away with it on set but you'll take much longer to shoot your movie and it won't be as good. You definitely won't get away with it in post-production. Here, more than anywhere else, your preparation, planning and clear records made during the movie shoot will be worth a lot. Particularly if you are paying your Editor by the day...

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