How 2 Make a Movie - Writing screenplays and filming movies on a budget

The main areas of making a movie split into the following stages:

Screenplay development


Screenplay development covers preparing your script for filming and includes budgeting and stroyboarding

Movie pre-production


Pre-Production covers everything you need before you start to film. This includes locations, props and actors

Filming your movie


Filming is just that – pointing a camera at your set and shouting ‘Action!’

Movie post-production


Post-Production is mostly editing but also covers a lot of sound work and some digital special effects

Distributing your movie


Distribution is where you get an audience for your new movie.


This process applies if you're making a short movie or a full length feature film. The following was shot in two days although that included enough footage for a longer version that will be edited soon.


The complete story of how this movie was made will be told in the blog so keep visiting it to read the story of 'One Flat Note'.

It is a beginner's movie made for a competition so it has lots of examples of mistakes beginners make and examples of how obstacles were overcome with no budget.

Check out the making of the movie in the blog. There's also stuff in there about the next movie which is called Flying Lessons.

If you've got thoughts on a movie project you're working on or questions, the new forum is up and running so register and post your stuff.

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Happy movie making!